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Owner and CEO

The son of both Chinese and Filipino parents, I worked in the family business until 1980, when I decided to move my family to the States. I worked for a few companies on the east coast as a bookkeeper and eventually made my way to San Francisco with my wife Ruby and three young children. Working as the controller for Bovis Lend Lease for several years, an opportunity came my way to start my own business. Out of a need in the construction industry for a good Final Construction Cleaning company, I opened the doors of RT Western Maintenance, Inc. in 2003, servicing the Northern California market. The business thrived and evolved over the years to include Misc. Carpentry along with providing labor for T&M requests. In 2013, I met a man who would ultimately alter my company's path, and that was Jim Livesay, the current President of RT Western Inc. He introduced me to the Door, Frame, and Hardware Industry. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I decided to take a risk on a business I knew very little about. I am proud of what we have accomplished in the eight years since, focusing on this very complex and changing industry. While we have faced many obstacles along the way, we are now recognized as one of the strongest and reliable DFH companies in Northern California. I am most proud today that RT Western is the vessel that supports the lives of over 65 families. I am equally proud that my wife Ruby has been with me through this journey for 51 years and that our three children, who are now grown, have their children and are happy.



President and General Manager

Having no genuine desire to follow in my father’s footsteps in the building materials industry, I set my sites for a more glamorous career in the hospitality industry. That was short-lived after my first ten days in the business; I decided it was not the career for me at that moment. Needing work as I pursued my next job opportunity, I asked my father if he would put me to work for a short period until I got my feet on the ground. That was over 41 years ago, and the hospitality industry has had to wait. My journey in this industry has taken me from Tennessee to Florida and now California for the last 17 years. While there are many talking points on my journey, I am most focused on the now and opportunities at RT Western. I’m not interested in RT Western being the biggest, but I am interested in us being the best. As President, sometimes, I don’t know all the right things to do, but I know all the wrong things. I have had the privilege of watching those things play out at other companies I have worked at through the years. It is our life experiences that guide us along the way, I believe. So, I surround myself with people that provoke thought and sometimes change, which we at RT Western are used to. We have a fantastic group of dedicated people to their careers and future. Tom and I have tried to create a family atmosphere where folks can voice their opinion without regret. Our journey is not over, and I’m grateful for all the people I have met along the way. I have been married to my wife Susie for 42 years, raised two children, and now are proud grandparents.



Director of Field Operations

James joined the United States Marine Corps when he was seventeen years old. After being Honorably Discharged he started his career in construction through the Carpenters Helmets to Hardhats apprenticeship program. He later moved from the field to the office to become both an estimator and project manager. James took control of our field just six months into his position with RTW. Since then, with the help of the staff he as implemented to lead the field, RTW has been able to achieve a well-known reputation for being one of the most consistent, reliable installation crews in northern California and he has brought the Marine Corps motto of "Adapt and Overcome" to life at our company. James has structured his crew to function as a single cohesive unit. With the help of Adam Frost, Jose Gomez, Neil Raskopf and Troy Saunders in conjunction with Hugh Halsor, our project management and accounting team, you can guarantee your project will be completed with the utmost speed, effectiveness, accuracy and skill. James has been with our team as we continue to grow and has taken on multiple responsibilities including change order negotiations, job close outs, project performance reviews, final negotiations, design and input of new policies and procedures, along with many other things.



Director of Business Development

As the Director of Business Development for RT Western, Inc. Chad has shown to be an invaluable contributor to the growth and success of our company. Chad ensures daily that our company is being represented to the highest of standards and that our clients new and existing are receiving the services they are expecting. Chad was raised in a small rural town in Northern California where he worked for his family’s hardware store and lumberyard business before he learned how to drive. This is where his passion for construction and the building industry began. Chad utilizes his combination of small-town morals and values along with his big city aspirations to create an extremely successful sales formula. After college, Chad moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and was quickly intrigued by the Door, Frame, and Hardware business. In 2005 he started his career in commercial construction where he excelled quickly providing the momentum to reach the level of expertise he has accomplished today. With almost 20 years of experience in Estimating, Project Management, Contract Negotiations and Sales combined, Chad is uniquely qualified to provide customer service at a very high level. His proven track record of successful projects and commitment to establishing long-term relationships only compliments an already positive effect he has made on our company. Look for Chad to be reaching out to you soon!


In Memory/Tribute of...
Rocky Garcia

Director of Business Development

Rocky Garcia worked in the capacity of Director of Business Development for six years at RT Western. Rocky was enlisted to open doors with our clients so others could share their experience and knowledge which he accomplished, but he also created strong relationships with our customers as a result. Rocky was particularly good at listening rather than talking which made his approach more unique. He was a humble man, and he took no issue with others taking the lead in his presence if it was in the best interest of the company. A man with few words but impactful none the less. Rocky had been recently married to his wife Joy and was looking forward to many happy years together. He was also a father to his two beautiful daughters and a grandfather to their children. Rocky was also well known for his love of cooking. Every dinner event he was invited to, he assumed the role of ‘Head Chef’ because everyone loved what he cooked. Those that knew him, loved him, as he had a big smile and a bigger heart. Rocky will be missed but remembered as a great co-worker and a guy you really just wanted to be around. He made a lasting impression on those he met and will always be part of the RT Western family.

11/07/1954 - 12/25/2020

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